12605 East Freeway

Houston, Texas
Total Project Cost: $14,560,000
JV Partner:

Bayview acquired this steel-reinforced commercial office building in 2004 and sold the property in 2008. The façade is single paned, tinted glass and spandrel curtain wall.

The roof is a built-up asphalt and fiberglass system installed over single ridged insulation. The building has two 215 ton R-22 Chillers. Electric re-heat coils provide heat to all the exterior zoned spaces through the ductwork. There are two zones per floor with a mix of secured and unsecured thermostats. Two 3,000-pound, traction passenger elevators are electric-geared with a speed of 350 feet per minute.

Life safety includes smoke detectors, pull stations, a fire pump flow, and battery back-up egress lighting.

This building is a 6-Story Commercial Office, with 85,506 Square Feet, 3.7626 Acres, and 300 Parking Spaces, including 4 Handicapped Spaces